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  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Bussiness Management Department
    prepares the students for professional success and socila responsibility in combination to the problem understanding the facts and principles applied in managment along with specialized theoretical education Throughout the curriculum theory and practise are interlaced Furthermore the curriculum is designed to cope with the fast paced and ever changing needs of modern bussinesses while at the same time it emphasizes to the traditional principles of higher education The curriculum comprizes of eight semesters in total seven include tought courses and an intership semester Lessons are distinguished in compulsory and compulsory by choice Every student is obliged to attend fifty four lessons of which fourty eight are compulsory and six are compulsory by choice The highly qualified academic personnel posseses significant industrial and enterprize experience and collaborates with other Institutes and enterprizes of the local society Department Supervisor Nikolaos Kanavos Associate Professor Department Secretary Aspasia Nikolaou Mpoumi Ioannis Igglesis Sofia Votsi tel 2610 369200 1 3 369288 Student Service Timetable MONDAY 11 00 13 00 WEDNESDAY 11 00 13 00 FRIDAY 11 00 13 00 e mail dioikisiepix teipat gr Web Site http www teipat gr pages kedd school ba htm Department Sectors Administrative Lessons Sector Ι Administrative Lessons Sector ΙΙ Legal Lessons Sector ΙΙΙ Departmenr Laboratories Greek Typing Laboratory English Typing Laboratory Computer Office Laboratory English Communications Laboratory Department s Curriculum Semester A Microeconomics Bussiness Managment General Acounting Administrative Mathematics Intriduction to informatics Urban Law Semester B Corporate Statistics Labour Law Human Resources development and Managment Macroeconomics Financial Mathematics Computer Applications in Managment Ι Semester C Administration and Organizational Management Marketing Managment Linear Programming Special Acounting Issues Computer Applications in Managment ΙΙ Integraded quality Administration Semester D Financial credit Administration Corporate Contacts International Financial Afairs Consumer behavior Office Technologies Public relations Semester E Administrative Acounting Corporate Policies Strategy Supply Administration (2013-01-14)

  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Acounting Department
    educational needs in the best way Teaching takes place through lectures practical training laboratories exercises and internship in the fields of production and is provided by highly equiped personnel The curriculum is comprized of eight semesters During the last semester student do internship in corporate acountances banks acounting offices and public services Finally they must submit their thesis which is supervised and guided by a teaching staff member Department Supervisor Dr Vasileios Tampakas Professor Department Secretary Georgia Kotsanopoulou Lemonia Aggelopoulou Christina Aleksatou Aristi Igglesi tel 2610 369220 1 369218 369190 Student Service Timetable MONDAY 11 00 13 00 WEDNESDAY 11 00 13 00 FRIDAY 11 00 13 00 e mail logistiki teipat gr Web Site http telemachos teipat gr Department Sectors Acounting Lessons Department Department Laboratories Computer Programming Laboratory Ι ΙΙ ΙΙΙ Greek Typing Laboratory English Typing Laboratory Acounting office machines Laboratory Office of acounting applications LaboratoryΙ ΙΙ Acounting machines Laboratory Inventory Laboratory English LaboratoryΙ ΙΙ ΙΙΙ ΙV Computer aided acounting Laboratory Department Curriculum Semester A Microeconomics Corporate Management Principles Gneneral Acounting Ι ΚΒS Acounting Organization General Mathematics Urban Law Principles Semester B Macroeconomics General Acounting ΙΙ Financial Mathematics Greek General Acounting Design Office Automation Commercial Law issues Semester C (2013-01-14)

  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Tourism Bussiness Department
    new data processes promotion ways e t c To handle programs of tourist objective applications to the Greek tourist corporations The curriculum comprizes of theoretical and applied lessons providing education with a realistic orientation Its main advantage is the contemporary laboratories of applied practice since it posses cuisines restaurants a bar reception and room service laboratory but new technologies laboratories as well Galileo Hermes and awaiting Fidelio In a proffesional area with a very low graduate unemployment rate the Department upgrades constantly aiming at the uninterupted adaptation to the Market Dynamics Its Basic educational and research fields are Managment of Tourist units Managment and Planning of catering Units Human Resources of tourist corporation Managment Organizational Behavior in tourist corporations and Change Managment Tourism and new Technologies Acounting Standarts and Strategic Pricing Analysis Organization and Managment of Tourist Offices Tourist Economy Touristic Planning and Development Department Supervisor Dr Alkiviadis Panagopoulos Associate Professor Department Deputy Supervisor Dr Anastasios Panagopoulos Associate Professor Department Secretary Anastasia Mikroni Athanasopoulos Fotios Agelopoulou Ageliki Korsianou Aikaterini tel 2610 369204 5 369227 fax Student Service Timetable MONDAY 11 00 13 00 WEDNESDAY 11 00 13 00 FRIDAY 11 00 13 00 e mail touristikes teipat gr Web Site http www teipat gr pages kedd school tourism htm Department Sectors Infrustructure Lessons Sector Applied Lessons sector Touristic Lessons Sector Εργαστήρια Τμήματος Proffessional Cooking Laboratory Ι ΙΙ Restaurant Laboratory Bar Drinks Winery Laboratory Room Service Laboratory reception Laboratory Computer Laboratory Hotel Computer Applications Laboratory Tourist Navigational Office simulation Laboratory Department Curriculum Semester A Microeconomics Corporate Mathematics General Acounting Labour Relations Proffesssional Cooking Ι Tourist Psychology Tourist Sociology Semester B Macroeconomics Tourism Principles CorporateAccounting Room Service Proffessional Cooking ΙΙ European Union Legislation Commercial Legislation Semester C Tourist Financials Corporate Statistics Computer Science Applications Bar Drinks Winery Restaurant Organization and Operation Greek (2013-01-14)

  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Corporate Planning & Information Systems Department
    use of methods and the technology of business planning and information systems in all sectors of their applications in financial and social activity The graduates work in both Public and Private sector self dependently or in collaboration with other scientists and proffessionals in all sectors of business planning and information systems over subjects that correlate to the study development managment applied research and education The knowledge and skills that they obtain make them capable to conduct corporate planning functions Administration and Organization of Financial units Information Systems development and optimization Service Provider development Financial Data Analysis Supervision and Control applied research Education More specificaly the graduates can begin their proffessional career as corporate personnel in a number of sectors They hold advantages in the fields of Marketing Sales Exports Adverisment Market research Human Resources Managment Commisions and materials Administration and Systems analysis The programms background also allows for the graduate evolvment to Bussiness Consultants At the same time the graduates can continue their studies to a Post Graduate level in the fields of Bussiness Department Supervisor Dr Ioannis Metropoulos Proffessor Department Secretary Olga Zacharopoulou Panayotis Souvaliotis tel 2610 369022 369042 Student Service Timetable MONDAY 11 00 13 00 WEDNESDAY 11 00 13 00 FRIDAY 11 00 13 00 e mail esxediasmos teipat gr Web Site http bpis teipat gr bpis htm Development Sectors Planning and decision making sector Information Systems sector Εργαστήρια Τμήματος Computer Laboratory Department Curriculum Semester A Microeconomics Administration Economics I Bussiness Law Mathematics Ι Introduction to Bussiness Informatics Financial Accounting Ι Semester B Macroeconomics Administration Economics II Mathematics ΙΙ Introduction to Bussiness Statistics Data Structures and File Organization Financial Accounting ΙΙ Semester C Bussiness Planning Ι Marketing Analysis of Market Policies Introduction to Operational Research Advanced Bussiness Statistics Computer Networks in Bussiness Introduction to Database Information Systems (2013-01-14)

  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Computer Science and Media (Pirgos)
    related needs and produce the right material Programming and automating the function and flow of work in the media units He is aware of the means to achive constant communication with the viewer listener reader and has the neccessary academic background in a variety of interests He can be employed as a journalist producer content designer media systems technician market researcher computer systems technician in a wide field of corporations of thepulic or private sector Handles a plethora of programs Finally he can organize and operate respective service providers The successfull completion of the education can lead to post graduate and under graduate studies with collaborating Universities Department Supervisor Mrs Maria Iglessi Associate Professor Department Deputy Supervisor Dr Athanasios Koutras Assistant Professor Department Secretary Panagiota Goridari Sigourou Evgenia tel 26210 20888 fax 26210 20889 Student Service Timetable MONDAY 10 00 12 00 TUESDAY 10 00 12 00 WEDNESDAY 10 00 12 00 THURSDAY 10 00 12 00 FRIDAY 10 00 12 00 e mail Web Site http www pyrgos teipat gr Department Laboratories Computer Science Laboratory Computer Programming Laboratory Computer Networks Laboratory Data Base Laboratory Digital Technology Laboratory Statistics Laboratory Desk Top Publishing Laboratory Production Design Laboratory Media Technologies Laboratory Computer Created Image and Sound Model Creative design Laboratory Transmssion Technologies Laboratory Electronic Journalism Laboratory Multimedia Production Laboratory Web Technology Laboratory Graphics movement and computer simulation Laboratory Three dimensional Graphics Laboratory Radio Television Production Laboratory Multimedia Creative Design Laboratory Signal Processing Laboratory Work Flow Planning Laboratory Mass communication Laboratory Multimedia Educational Programs Laboratory Web Graphics Technology Laboratory Senior Seminar Laboratory Postproduction Laboratory e Marketing and Media Laboratory Foreign Language Laboratory Department Curriculum semester A Introduction to Theoretical Informatics Computer Programming Mathematics Sociology Issues Basic Illustration Principles Color Design Photography Public Relations semester B Computer Networks Data Bases Digital Technology Document (2013-01-14)

  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Computer Science in Administration And Economy (Amaliada)
    Informatics The Department graduate has a deep knowledge in Informatics that is being used in Marketing Money Credit Bussiness Managment and Human Resources Administration He is capable of planning developing and applying modern Administrative Informatics Systems He is capable of grasping the Financial and social Corporate Environment as that is being formed within the European Community and under the scope of Globalization of economy Withing this framework he can evolve to a fully capable Administration personnel member Successfull completion of the studies can lead to post graduate studies through collaborating Universities in the fields of Bussiness and informatics Administration Department Supervisor Dr Georgios Zafeiropoulos Associate Proffessor Department Deputy Supervisor Dr Ioannis Zaharakis Assistant Professor Department Secretary Konstantinos Pharmakis tel 26220 38416 fax 26220 38418 Student Service Timetable MONDAY 10 00 13 00 TUESDAY 10 00 13 00 THURSDAY 10 00 13 00 e mail Web Site http www amaliada teipat gr Department Laboratories Statistics Laboratory Computer Laboratory Data Base Laboratory Data Structures Laboratory Information Systems Laboratory Information storing and recovery Laboratory Econometrics Laboratory Corporate Web Site Design and Development Laboratory Information Systems security Laboratory Strategic Management Marketing Information Systems Managment Laboratory Telematics Management Laboratory Ε Marketing Laboratory Corporate Foresight Laboratory Information Systems and Strategic Managment Laboratory Economics and e Commerce Laboratory Applications and Information Systems Use Laboratory Marketing Information Systems Laboratory e Commerce and Strategies Laboratory Investment Managment Laboratory Information System Models Laboratory Decision Making using Information Systems Laboratory Senior Seminar Laboratory Foreign Languages Laboratory Financial Information Systems Laboratory Health Care Information Systems Laboratory Department s curriculum Semester A Microeconomics Principles Statistics Mathematics Ι Accounting Principles Ι Bussiness Managment Principles Introduction to computer Science Semester B Macroeconomics Principles Mathematics ΙΙ Accounting Principles ΙΙ Οικονομική της Διοίκησης Marketing Basic Principles Computer Programming Semester C Data Bases Ι Marketing strategies Δομές Δεδομένων (2013-01-14)

  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Social Work Department
    the students with the neccessary qualifications to practise social work in a variety of environments Training is achieved through teaching small groups teaching material personal monitoring and includes the use of experimental techniques like games video role playing and movies The installations include teaching rooms with audiovisual material and a fully equiped library to help the educational work Main lessons are located in the following object groups Social Work Methods psycology sociology mental health legal and administrative authorities social policy and research methodology The studnets are expected to display The Ability to analyze inter method social work data and identify the differences and variety of the methods to apply them Personality development through the educational process for the use of skill to work with individuals groups and communities The ability for in depth study in psychology sociology mental health issues issues of law and administration social policy research methodology e t c Judgement Development through the theoretical knowledge and practical training to face the cover of their educational needs and their proffessional evolution Department Supervisor Dr Ioannis Dritsas Assistant Professor Department Deputy Supervisor Dr Maria Pentaraki Assistant Professor Department Secretary Maria Charalambopoulou Alexandra Likoudi Paraskevi Melista tel 2610 369125 6 fax 2610 369174 Student Service Timetable MONDAY 10 30 12 00 TUESDAY 10 30 12 00 THURSDAY 10 30 12 00 e mail koinergasia teipat gr Web Site http www teipat gr pages koin erg English Index htm Department Sectors General Lessons Department Specialization and Methodology Sector Application Sector Department Laboratories Community Development Laboratory Health Care Laboratory Welfare Programs Laboratory Preschool Education Laboratory School Education Laboratory Special Education Laboratory Office of rehabilitation Violation and Institutional Care Programs Laboratory English Laboratory Communications Laboratory Departments Curriculum Semester A Social Policy Introduction to Social Work Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Psychology I Law (2013-01-14)

  • TEI of Patras - Education - Schools & Departments - Nursery Department
    and development of contemporary Nursery achievements in relation to specialization issues The department also posseses three pathology and surgery Nursery laboratories a pediatrics and obstetrician Nursery laboratory an anatomy laboratory a Microbiology Physiology laboratory The Computer centre and projection room support the Nusring Social Work and Speechtherapy departments At the Laboratories the students are trained in the learning of the Nursery art and to the application of scientific knowledge At the educational field the computer centre supports the students basic training in programming the computer aided design special application and the development activities at programs funded by a corporate sector E P E A E K The projection room belongs to the Faculty whose supervisor is Mr N Niaros Mr Niaros supports the educational means with his technical knowledge Departmenr Supervisor Dr Maria Mpatsolaki Associate Professor Department Deputy Supervisor Dr Theodoros Zisis Proffessor Department Secretary Anna Zaxaropoulou Athanasopoulou Aikaterini Nikoleta Tsirakou Maria Mpakogianni Vaso Kafousia tel 2610 369130 1 369114 fax 2610 369114 Student service Timetable MONDAY 11 1 μ μ WEDNESDAY 11 1 μ μ THURSDAY 11 1 μ μ e mail nosileftiki teipat gr Web Site http www teipat gr pages nosil nosil eng index htm Department Sectors General and Medical Lessons Sectro Nursery Lessons and Laboratories Sector Clinical Exercise Sector Department Laboratories Three Basic and Pathological surgery Nursery rooms One Pediatrics Nursery room One surgery Techniques and surgery Nursery room Two Anatomy Physiology Microbiology Laboratory rooms One very small room for Prehospital Nusrsing for multinjured support An interdepartmental room Nusring Speechtherapy Social Work and computer Laboratories Department Currculum Semester A Fundamentals of Nursing Science Anatomy I Physiology I Psychology of Health Microbiology Health Sociology Semester B Anatomy II Physiology II Basic Beginnings in Nursing Community Nursing I Hygiene Epidemiology Semester C Chirurgical Nursing I Pathology Nursing I (2013-01-14)