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  • New international mission ready to explore Antikythera shipwreck | Πρόγραμμα Μελέτης Μηχανισμού Αντικυθήρων
    inspected the wreck were able to go down to was 75 meters and only for very short periods But the underwater terrain has changed over the past 2 000 years due to earthquakes The problem has been addressed with the creation of the Exosuit currently being tested by scientists conducting studies on marine organisms that live at great depths as part of a broader study on cancer treatment The mission is expected to cost between 2 and 3 million and is being bankrolled by Swiss watchmaker Hublot and other Greek American and Swiss companies Speaking at the end of the Athens exhibition Deputy Culture Minister Angela Gerekou hailed its success saying that it had helped to boost visitor numbers at the National Archaeological Museum by 81 percent while reviving the interest of archaeologists and other scientists in the Antikythera mechanism US team chief I am so excited that I often find myself wide awake thinking of the Antikythera shipwreck What can be hiding down there And one more thing If there have been so many wonderful finds in just the one wreck that we managed to locate how much more is there to discover in all the hundreds of thousands of wrecks lying at the bottom of the Mediterranean And just think how such discoveries could change the way we view the ancient world and especially the Greek civilization Dr Brendan Foley is the head of the American section of an international underwater expedition planning to explore the seabed off Antikythera an islet between Kythera and Crete and the site of one of the world s most famous discoveries the Antikythera mechanism an ancient analog computer Handsome and with an impressive physique Foley could have made it in Hollywood if it weren t for his obsessions with archaeology scuba diving and technology Endowed with a profound knowledge in all three areas the American scientist of the Massachusetts based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was in Greece recently on one of numerous visits for the closing of the exhibition on the Antikythera mechanism at the National Archaeological Museum He spoke to Kathimerini about the upcoming exploration of the shipwreck Foley is part of a large team encompassing different ethnicities and disciplines which has spent the last two years preparing for the challenges ahead The biggest of these he says is whether they will be able to get below the wreck and dig underneath adding to previous searches of the surface of the shipwreck conducted by the sponge divers who discovered it in 1900 and Jacques Yves Cousteau in 1976 The ship was used for commercial purposes and we can speculate that there are more items to be found from its valuable cargo which will most likely be very well preserved said Foley We are also certain of the existence of a second wreck near the one where sculpture amphorae and the mechanism were discovered It is 250 meters away and was carrying similar ceramic objects We discovered it about two years ago

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